I guess I must have always been obsessed with being early, as I was born 4 weeks premature in the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital on 2 May 1996. I gave my Mum a pretty hard time and my birth wasn't an easy one, I arrived with the umbilical cord wrapped round my neck twice.  The lack of oxygen this caused to my brain resulted in some brain damage, particularly to the area of my brain responsible for movement and coordination, causing my condition, cerebral palsy.

Doctors initially predicted that I wouldn't be able to walk, sit up or even talk properly.  My parents weren't going to accept that and had other ideas; you could call them pushy parents!  I was wearing splints every day and being pushed to take my first few steps.  This may have taken a few years but we got there, proving the doctors wrong and setting the trend for the years ahead. Walking was a bit of a struggle and it opened up a whole new world of problems with balance, fine motor skills and spacial awareness, I was forever walking into doors or brushing against walls!

Having developed the level of mobility skills I had, I was able to attend mainstream schools, where I worked hard and achieved top grades.

Like any other small boy, I was always sport crazy and am fortunate to have been encouraged and supported to follow this passion and develop myself.

When I was very young I was mad about rugby, but thought I wasn't going to do very well at a sport that involved running when I struggle with walking.  My school teachers were fantastic at getting me involved in sport, even if it was in a very small way, but as I got older I became more and more frustrated that there were certain aspects of sports that I couldn't do.  

Being shown competitive sport had raised my determined, stubborn side to the forefront and I set out to find something I could succeed in.

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