Wheelchair racing is not a cheap sport to compete in, tyres costs over £50 each and a single wheel £700!  Away from training (twice a day, six days a week) and competing, I have no free time to work to fund myself, which makes life difficult.  I am therefore looking for sponsors help to keep my dreams of winning gold alive.

If you, or the company you work for, would be interested in sponsoring a young athlete who has the greatest desire to reach the very top, I would certainly appreciate it.  I know that I have a great deal to offer a potential sponsor, if you are able to assist me on my journey, please get in touch


I really enjoy visiting schools and community groups to share my story and tell them about my experiences.  I've had great feedback and feel that if my story can inspire just one other person to go out and challenge themselves, then it's all worthwhile.  If you would be interested in me coming to talk to your school, business or community group then please get in touch 



I'm proud to be an Ambassador for CP Teens, a group set up to support children and young adults with cerebral palsy.

Off the track